How I Can Help You

• Consultation and Design

From initial design conception to completion, and all phases in between, I am a reliable resource. With an understanding of logistics and planning, I have the resources to make planning efficient and an enjoyable experience.

• Home Remodels and Renovations

Updating your home with modern amenities while keeping with its existing architectural style and feel is something I excel at. Or, maybe you want to go in an entirely new direction while complimenting what is already present, striking that harmonious balance that brings peace between two different styles.

• Custom Builds

Your vision is for something completely new and different. You don’t want to just mimic what others are doing or follow with tradition; you want to stand apart from the crowd. From custom kitchen cabinets to custom homes, I can help you manifest your dream on the material plane.

• Outdoor Living Areas

You need a special space outdoors to gather with friends, spend time with family, or just sit in meditation. Custom water features, gazebos, patios and walkways are the types of projects I have an affinity for. We live in the Pacific Northwest because we love the outdoors, and there is nothing more pleasing than creating beautiful outdoor spaces in harmony with nature.

Let’s get started on a project
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